Relax TV

We recently launched something a little new for the Relax Coffee Lounge and we have called it Relax TV, now that’s got you thinking hasn’t it!

What Is Relax TV?

Well to put it simply, what we have is a large TV screen that shows off our food, drinks and cakes, alongside these we display adverts for local companies that have opted to get some promotion to our captivated audience, while they drink there delicious hot drinks.

We already have some local companies that have jumped on board and are currently showing their ads in the Coffee Lounge.

How Can You Get You Business On Relax TV

If you are a local business in the Rhyl area, getting an ad is really simple, if you are passing us, just pop in and ask us about running an ad on Relax TV.

The other way which is coming soon is by the online order form that we are currently setting up, this will allow you to do everything online and then get your ad running.

So for now, pop in and talk to Mandy or Chris about advertising you local business in Relax Coffee Lounge on Relax TV.

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